Case Study


This organisation was impacted by potential significant changes resulting from the negotiations around the EU exit. Timescales were short and fixed (although, potential exit dates could, and did, change due to political activity).

One of the significant changes needed was the creation of new IT solutions, although a separate organisation was responsible for the development of the new system.


Alpine was asked to provide client-side advice and support to this IT development. The work included understanding whether the development would meet the client's needs, ensuring that all requirements were understood and documented – and helping the project understand the risks and issues, together with the development of mitigations for these.

The work widened to hands-on creation of a contingency and business continuity approach to cover potential gaps and issues with the new system.


Alpine provided (a) the support that led to a clear understanding of the requirements, (b) the build of a system that was fit for purpose for the early days of any EU exit and (c) the development of contingency systems and processes that could cover any initial issues encountered.

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