Case Study


2020/2021 was riddled with COVID challenges, not only imposing restrictions on movement, but on work that Alpine's customers were doing. Progress needed to be maintained so both Alpine and its customers devised new ways to ensure continuation of service for important Programmes.


An organisation Alpine had worked with for some years wanted help to ramp-up their existing team with specific skills to enable them to deal with the challenges that COVID had imposed upon their Programme.


Within a period of 12 months, the Alpine team had supplied the client with over 35 individuals across a range of skills, including Technical Architecture, Communications, Product Owners, Relationship Managers, Project Managers, Test Managers, Data Analysts, Azure Engineers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, UX Designers and Quality Assurance.

Working within the boundaries imposed by COVID meant Alpine had to take extra care when onboarding candidates, not only because they were unable to meet them prior to introducing them to the customer, but the customer was unable to meet them at all. The right people were identified and imaginative ways were devised to ensure that both the Customer and the Service Provider were clear there was a good fit.

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